Hospitality Services

For the hospitality industry, we have Spanish training programs that will help you communicate with employees and customers.

Spanish Language Training

Spanish for Hotel and Restaurant Managers

The Hispanic labor force continues to grow, and few managers are bilingual. To remain effective, managers in the Hospitality Industry must learn industry-specific Spanish vocabulary and phrases. This is the only course of this nature in the country!

This 30-hour program designed especially for the Hospitality Industry includes specific vocabulary, phrases, and dialogues. Managers/Supervisors acquire basic skills in the Spanish language, as well as knowledge of Hispanic cultures. Students receive a reference book and a certificate of completion. The program also features book and film excerpts.


  • Commands
  • Present, past and future tenses for commonly used verbs
  • How to assign, follow up, correct and praise work tasks
  • Friendly dialogues and rapport/trust building phrases
  • Insights into Hispanic cultures, such as Motivation technique for Hispanic Employee why family is so important and the roles of women and men in Hispanic cultures

Spanish Systems sends a needs assessment form to all participants to determine Spanish speaking skills, course expectations, and the participant's department and position. This ensures that students gain an understanding of the language and discover what works best for them based on their individual strengths and workplace needs. We'll use your location and together establish dates for course delivery. The 30-hour course meets six hours each day from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM, with one hour for lunch for one week, or in two two-day sessions set one month apart, 8 hours each day.

Staff in your company who have direct contact with Spanish-speaking employees and little or no Spanish language skills. Participants with some knowledge of Spanish will learn new industry-related vocabulary and refresh their skills.

NOTES: Approximately 30 minutes of homework will be assigned each day. Unless there is an emergency, no pagers or interruptions are allowed.

Understanding Hispanic Cultures

How do Hispanics view other cultures?
How do I involve Hispanic employees in team work?
How does being a good or bad leader of Hispanic employees impact profits?
What are common differences among the Hispanic Cultures?
Why is the manager(female)-employee(male) relationship sometimes difficult?

This course helps you involve your Latino employees in a TQM environment. Learn which leadership styles are effective with Hispanic associates and how to identify and develop potential Hispanic leaders.


  • Managers' paradigms and challenges
  • Cultural Contrasts
  • The role of History
  • Key factors that impact the way you lead Hispanic staff
  • Communication styles and skills
  • What motivates Hispanic employees
  • Women in management
  • Use of Spanish words and phrases

Class facilitation focuses on sharing and acquiring different perspectives about Hispanic Cultures. The goal is to improve a manager's leadership skills by increasing his/her knowledge of basic cultural contrasts. The goal of this program is NOT to learn how to change or manipulate Hispanic employees. Participants present their challenges and group discussion leads to conclusions. Individual points of view are acknowledged and respected.

Class is anywhere from 6 to 8 hours depending on group discussion.

Fees and location to be determined.

Training Skills for Your Spanish-Speaking Staff

Empower your staff to deliver some of your initiatives in Spanish. This will motivate and develop those bilingual employees with basic abilities to train and ultimately benefit all of your Hispanic staff and the customer. Use cluster sessions for this two-day seminar. For more information call 847-SPANISH.

ServSafe Certification in Spanish

Save money by teaching your Spanish-speaking employees the proper methods of food safety. Sanitation training will improve your image and increase clients' peace of mind. It will also:

  • Reduce accidents.
  • Reduce the risk of food poisoning, fines, and the subsequent loss of returning clients.

A workshop to improve food safety skills and knowledge for Spanish-speaking food service employees.


  • Time and temperature control
  • Cross contamination
  • Types of contamination; bacteria growth prevention
  • Safe heating, cooling and thawing procedures
  • Safe receiving and storing procedures
  • Cleaning and sanitizing
  • Personal hygiene

A sixteen-hour class held at your site or at Spanish Systems' location. We use the Educational Foundation's ServSafe materials. Spanish Systems will revisit your operation to provide a follow up consultation and work with management to meet ongoing challenges.

All Spanish-speaking employees who need proper training or State certification. Illinois certification available.

Fees, location, and dates vary

ServSafe for Front Line Staff in Spanish

A one-day workshop geared toward your staff who do not need to be certified yet properly trained. We cover the basics of cross-contamination, personal hygiene, temperatures and proper food handling. Employees receive a certificate of completion signed by the unit manager. For more information call 847-SPANISH

Sexual Harassment Training

We'll use your design or tailor ours to your needs. Hispanic cultures may view certain unacceptable behaviors as normal. Explain cultural differences to your staff clearly and in Spanish. "No" also means "no" in Spanish! For more information call 847-SPANISH.

Custom In-House Training Programs in Spanish

Develop Your In-House Training Programs in Spanish

Incorporating the Hispanic labor force into your company is a challenge. Not only can language be an obstacle, but differences in education and culture play major roles as well. Spanish Systems will translate and facilitate your company's training programs for Spanish-speaking employees and associates.

Since 1990, Marriott Corporation has been using our services to train employees in TQM, empowerment, and leadership skills in U.S.A. and Latin America.


  • Sexual harassment
  • Leadership
  • Hospitality skills
  • Training and presentation skills
  • TQM/Team Building
  • Diversity
  • New Initiatives


  • Develop and promote bilingual employees
  • Involve all employees effectively
  • Increase morale and reduce employee turnover
  • Reduce accident costs
  • Reduce equipment replacement costs

Every Spanish-speaking employee who does not have a strong command of the English language.


Spanish Systems will visit your facilities to meet your associates and to become familiar with your operations. We will translate all pertinent materials into Spanish and keep management appraised of employees' progress.

Fees and location to be determined