Golf Course Management

Spanish Systems offers a Spanish training targeted for the needs of golf course management.

Spanish Language Training

Spanish for Golf Course Management I

We have had great success at the Superintendents' National Conference and Shows for the past 8 years!

Vocabulary for the golf course setting include:

  • How to assign, follow-up, correct and praise work
  • Rapport building phrases and dialogues
  • Golf Course Maintenance vocabulary
  • Golf Course areas

Key phrases such as:

  • "Drive slowly"
  • "Don't rake sand out of the bunkers"
  • "Don't turn the machine on the collars"
  • "Check the oil and gas first"
  • "Drive on the paths"
  • "Rake bunkers today"
  • "Mow in straight lines"

Insights into Latin Cultures:

  • What motivates a Latin employee
  • How differences can add value to performance
  • How to adjust leadership skills for your Latin staff

Courses are 2 8-hour days for Spanish I and 2, 8-hour days for Spanish II.
This class has ranked in the top 3 in the last National Conference and Shows!!"

A comprehensive reference workbook with extensive vocabulary and phrases and personal flashcard set.

No previous knowledge necessary.

Spanish for Golf Course Management II

In Spanish II you can learn to overcome challenges in using the language from Spanish I, plus you can become more comfortable with your existing skills, learn more phrases, more vocabulary and more insight on Hispanic Cultures. This is a great opportunity to ask Arturo about cultural and language perspectives since Spanish I.

Advanced Spanish for Golf Course Management

Participants in this class must take Spanish I and II first or pass a qualification test. This course focuses on maximizing task assignment and correction. Students learn to carry out more extensive conversations, as well as to give an informal performance review.

Spanish Immersion for Golf Course Management

A 4-day intensive class, all levels can join. Individual pair work takes the student into an individualized development plan for the course. Students work in teams as they move about an actual golf course and troubleshoot in Spanish. (we will play Golf as we work). The location of this class varies, but it is usually in the warmer parts of the US or in México. Common dates are the fisrt two weeks of December. Look for new dates posted on our web site or call Arturo.

For more information call Arturo Castro at 847-SPANISH (772-6474) or Contact Spanish Systems.

Latino Leadership

Leadership of Latino Employees in a Golf Organization

Learn to adapt your leadership style to the cultural differences. Gain insightful knowledge on what motivates Latino employees, how to solve common language barriers, how to use an interpreter, tips for coaching and counseling and more.

One-day seminar. It helps you understand cultural differences from a leadership point of view. Get practical tips on how to overcome common cultural and communication barriers with your Latino personnel.

$2,000 per seminar plus $15 per student a practical reference manual.

Training Programs in Spanish

Spanish Golf Orientation for New Employees

Most new Spanish-speaking employees know little or nothing about the game of golf or golf course maintenance. In this 6- or 8-hour session we teach your new employees about the game of Golf, why standards are important and which are they, basic management concepts, your organization's philosophy, management philosophy, special issues, company history, maintenace concepts such as equipment, bunkers, greens, fairways, cleanliness and basic safety; employees also learn the basic Golf terminology in English.

Custom In-House Training Programs in Spanish

Develop Your In-House Training Programs in Spanish

Incorporating the Hispanic labor force into your company is a challenge. Not only can language be an obstacle, but differences in education and culture play major roles as well. Spanish Systems will translate and facilitate your company's training programs for Spanish-speaking employees and associates.

Since 1990, Marriott Corporation has been using our services to train employees in TQM, empowerment, and leadership skills in U.S.A. and Latin America.


  • Sexual harassment
  • Leadership
  • Hospitality skills
  • Training and presentation skills
  • TQM/Team Building
  • Diversity
  • New Initiatives


  • Develop and promote bilingual employees
  • Involve all employees effectively
  • Increase morale and reduce employee turnover
  • Reduce accident costs
  • Reduce equipment replacement costs

Every Spanish-speaking employee who does not have a strong command of the English language.

Spanish Systems will visit your facilities to meet your associates and to become familiar with your operations. We will translate all pertinent materials into Spanish and keep management appraised of employees' progress.

Fees and location to be determined