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With the growing Latino population, it's important that educators be able to communicate with students and their parents.

Spanish Language Training

Understanding Latinos in the School Setting

Learn about cultural differences as the relate to the specific administrative and academic processes of elementary and middle school. Gain insightful knowledge on what motivates Latino students, how to solve common language barriers, how to use an interpreter, tips for coaching and counseling and more.

One-day seminar. Some of the topics addressed are:

  • Integrating new students into the school’s culture
  • How to improve involvement of Latino parents
  • Bilingual communication systems, processes and tools that help your school overcome the language barrier.
  • How to adjust a leadership style based on the demographic make up of your school or classroom.

$2,000 per seminar plus $15 per student for a practical reference manual.


Spanish for School Educators and Administrators

We have had great success with Chicago school districts!

  • "This is by far the most useful seminar I have attended in the past few years"
  • "Excellent, basic Spanish in easy to learn format"
  • "Good, well presented, kept my interest up. I particularly
    liked the parts that dealt with cultural differences"
  • "Very lively seminar, upbeat, keeps you concentrating."
  • "Very well presented, will be of tremendous help to me"

Vocabulary for the classroom setting and parent communications:

  • How to assign, follow-up, correct and praise classroom work
  • Rapport-building phrases and dialogues
  • Classroom nouns
  • Basic administrative processes

Key phrases such as:
- "You are doing very well"
- "Please take your homework out"
- "How was your weekend?"
- "I am glad you are helping Jose with the homework"
- "Please come to the meeting"
- "Jose is doing very well"
- "We need more help with Math and Reading"

Insights into Latino Cultures:

  • What motivates a Latino student
  • How differences can add value to performance
  • How to adjust leadership skills for your Latino students and staff

Courses are 10 3-hour days

A comprehensive reference workbook with extensive vocabulary and phrases and personal flashcard set.

No previous knowledge necessary.

Custom In-House Training Programs in Spanish

Develop Your In-House Training Programs in Spanish

Incorporating the Hispanic labor force into your school is a challenge. Not only can language be an obstacle, but differences in education and culture play major roles as well. Spanish Systems will translate and facilitate your school's training programs for Spanish-speaking employees and associates and parents.


  • Sexual harassment
  • Leadership
  • Hospitality skills
  • Training and presentation skills
  • Diversity
  • New Initiatives


  • Develop and promote bilingual employees
  • Involve all employees effectively
  • Increase morale and reduce employee turnover
  • Reduce accident costs

Every Spanish-speaking employee who does not have a strong command of the English language.


Spanish Systems will visit your facilities to meet your associates and to become familiar with your operations. We will translate all pertinent materials into Spanish and keep management appraised of employees' progress.

Fees and location to be determined