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Spanish System's Products

Search and Say Spanish® for Golf Course Management CD-ROM

A one of a kind language tool. Only available for the Golf course management industry. By far the easiest way to communicate in Spanish without learning the language.

You can instantly find and say what you need to say in Spanish! Find the words to assign, follow up, praise and correct job tasks in seconds!!
  • Browse through nearly 1,500 ready-made Spanish words and phrases
  • Click and hear the pronunciation
  • Print the phrase on a card or poster so you can read it to the employees!
  • Save your favorite phrase(s) for future reference.

Browse through the different categories of phrases:

General Maintenance; includes greens, tees, bunkers, fairways and grounds issues. Safety, Training and Performance, Employment and Administrative, Housekeeping and Standards, Socializing, Equipment, Leadership and Management phrases. Other topics include Uniforms, Irrigation, Appearance and Etiquette around golfers.

Build rapport with your staff and coordinate job tasks.
You can do the morning assignments in Spanish now!
You can follow up and correct job tasks in Spanish now!
You can praise your employees in Spanish now!

Only $5.95 plus $5 shipping.

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Spanish Self Instruction Kit for Golf Course Managers

Spanish for Golf Course Management®
Self-Instruction Kit with Audio CDs and Cassettes

You will learn:

  • Verbs and nouns to help you assign, follow-up, correct and praise golf course maintenance tasks
  • A series of Key Phrases that address crew performance, critical standards, etiquette, equipment, safety, maintenance and other important issues
  • Specific dialogues that help you socialize in Spanish
  • Plus numbers, days of the week, equipment, golf course areas, tools, different ways to say hello and good-bye.

    Your kit includes:
  • 5 Audio CDs with 16 interactive lessons
  • 8 Audio cassettes with 16 interactive lessons
  • Workbook with 16 simple lessons, oral and written exercises, Quick Word Reference sheet, Glossaries, including nearly 500 PHRASES TO GIVE ASSIGNMENTS AND..etc
  • Individual Flashcards to learn vocabulary
  • Practice Cards to help you apply the lessons
  • Step by step instructions on How to Learn Spanish
  • General tips on Spanish communication challenges

Only $32.00 plus $8 shipping.

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Spanish Systems' Pocket Reference Guide for Golf Course Managers

Vocabulary and Phrases to communicate with Spanish-speaking employees on the Golf Course

Look up over 700 phrases and words in this easy-to-carry pocket size dictionary. You will find phrases and words to solve and assign common jobs, as well as easy lines to help you build rapport and praise your staff. Find phrases such as "Thanks for your help today" "The Golf Course looks great!" "Keep the sand in the bunker when you rake" "Don't turn the machine on the green"

Contents include: Pronunciation Tips, Golf Maintenance Nouns, Verbs, Quick-Solution phrases divided by Greens, Bunkers, General Maintenance, Safety, Personal Communication, and more.

Only $10.95 plus $5 shipping.

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Spanish Systems' Quick Reference Poster

English-Spanish, Spanish-English

Look up and find nearly 200 nouns and dozens of verbs necessary to communicate on the golf course. Size is 10" by 18".

To order your Quick Spanish Word Reference Poster Golf Course Management® and have your company billed, contact us.

Posters are $24.95 each plus $5 shipping.

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